"When I have Bread and Jam I always know what I am getting, and I am always pleased."
"Bread and Jam for Frances" by Russell Hoban

Bread and Jam was created by Lisa Swerling, and Sofia Dyson.

We wanted to make Bread and Jam products you'd always be pleased with.

So don't save your Runaway dresses for best - wear them every day.

Wear them in spring with a long-sleeved top. Wear them all summer long bare skinned, and when the air turns chilly accessorise with tights and boots and a cosy poloneck*.

And when you're not wearing your Runaway dresses? Hang them on the line, draw up a chair and sit and admire while gobbling down a delicious slice of bread and jam.

*We’re kidding about the polonecks. Have you ever seen a kid happy in a poloneck?

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