Here are a few of the many lovely comments we've had back from our customers...

"We've just received the winter dresses, and really love them! My daughter's thrilled!  They are so original that I agree, half of me wants to keep it a secret and the other half to tell people and spread the word! My daughter's already snaffled the stickers for herself!"

Jessica, London

Hello Sofia and Lisa, Just to say that I received today three of the most beautiful dresses ever for my daughter - they are gorgeous! So thank you! Against my better judgement I have also forwarded your web site to my friends - the dresses are far too lovely to keep to myself!"

"Just love them - wish I'd known about you earlier!  Our girls had two each for the summer and they were just beautiful and much admired .... but never duplicated, which is the beauty of them!"

Sue, Hertford


"Gorgeous fab dresses! Love the concept of small runs and simple dresses without ruffles and 'cutsy' additions".

Karen, Warwickshire


"My 2 year old has the lion print dress and gets complimented on it every time she wears it (it's also her first choice of clothing). I only wish I'd bought more dresses before you sold out!...I just love love love the product"

Anna, London


"Imogen wore her summer dress so much - it was her favourite summer attire - and it's still so gorgeous - can't wait for the winter collection".
Caroline, London


"The beautiful dress arrived yesterday - simply gorgeous!"

Linda, East Sussex


"Cute & unusual but also a traditional shape - very cool".

Grace, Southampton


"Absolutely gorgeous website and I love the fabrics. I'll definitely spread the word".
Deborah, Primrose Hill


"We have purchased one of your gorgeous dresses and love it so much that we came back to get another one in a different design but you are almost sold out! So glad to see that you are obviously doing so well as we LOVE your dresses...."

Jane, Cambridge


"Love the design and fabrics. Have already ordered red rabbits. Or Rattits as she calls them!"

Jane, Somerset


"Love the dresses - great idea and designs - keep them coming!"

Sarah, Colchester


"I have just ordered 5 of your very cool dresses thank you! They are the best dresses - funky different and very hip! My girls love them!"

Kate, Cirencester


"Oh my goodness! So special and unique. Everything "I" think a girl's dress should be and everything "she" thinks a girl's dress should be!"

Vicks, Monmouth


"I heard about the dresses from the Daily Telegraph and on viewing the website i fell in love with the designs. I ordered 2 of the beautiful dresses and received them within two days. I was that impressed with the quality and individual design I ordered another one. I thought the website was very user friendly and i hope to see more fantastic designs in the near future.THANKYOU".

Victoria, West Midlands


"I have received three dresses for my daughter and she really loves wearing them. They are so different and many people have asked me where I brought them. Thankyou for such super designs and i look forward to the next designs".

Victoria, West Midlands


"As a Grandmother I will be back, I absolutley loved the dress I bought for little precious!!! Adore the originality, simplicity of shape with sophisticated pattern, perfect. Will buy lots more.......looking fwd to winter fabrics. My daughter loved them too so you're on a roll! will recommend to other Grannies!!!"

Noreen, Wimbledon


"The dresses are very beautiful - I will definitely keep a close eye on your collections".
Natasha, Berkshire

"Absolutely yummy dresses. Just vexed I have to wait another few years before I can order some for my 8 month lass".

Ruth, Shetland